Gas - 2007

For Cookie Composites //

Once the ROK hit the shelves it was time to tackle a market that Cookie Composites had never entered. Full face helmets may present more design opportunities but also big challenges. We fixed our eyes on our new user group, skydive teams. They spend most of their time training in wind tunnels and require a helmet that offers both protection against the accidental kick or hit and a broader view range to help them focus on their routines. We managed to design a helmet that has almost no blind spots by removing all the unnecessary material around jaw and forehead areas. The shell construction is optimized with different wall thicknesses in critical areas that combined with a polycarbonate visor and a D3o polymer liner provide the user superior vision and greater impact protection. We also created a smart fastening system that wraps the helmet around the users head other than squeezing it down, providing more comfort and security.

Ricardo Sá Freire
free agent designer Stockholm, Sweden