Moove -2009

This device measure body movement and motion.
Measuring has always been of major importance in human history. Knowing and comparing facts is what allows us to improve things. Imagine being able to analyze one’s movements in the most extreme situations, in the real world with the intervention of all external factors and not in a closed lab. This could be of great use for high performance athletes studying their position, doctors testing patients and physicians analyzing work related injuries to name a few.
The system relies on the information acquired from a group of interconnected accelerometers. These accelerometers are connected to a CPU that that reads, transmits and/or records the position and acceleration of each sensor, this way is possible to determinate their exact position according to an external reference (physical or digital) in a certain moment. This data is later thrown in a software that reads and transforms the information in the form of graphics and numeric data.

Ricardo Sá Freire
free agent designer Stockholm, Sweden