STHLM tram - 2006

Sponsored by Alstom //

This tram is designed based on the heritage of the old Stockholm trams. Its lines are fresh but familiar at the same time. The tram carries the sobriety and elegance from the city with a modern and contemporary touch. The system runs without the aid of physical rails ensuring much more flexibility in case it needs to change course. This is possible due to the fact that the tram is guided by sensors that recognize its position inside the city. This way the tram can always keeps its route following this virtual track.
The tram always runs on a blue painted lane just like a normal rail, the difference is that unlike the tracks the tram can always leave this lane to avoid obstacles (like a car crash). This also means that for it’s implementation is cheaper and faster. No tracks, no bogies. Without bogies the inner space is optimized since the wheel base can be much wider. The system runs on Lithium batteries that can be recharged at any stop if necessary.

Ricardo Sá Freire
free agent designer Stockholm, Sweden