Flyer- Breaking Barriers, Singapore
iFocus - Commodity Brochure - print
Brochure - Vijaya Bank
Brochure- Expressions
Interior designer - interior designers
AMT Brochure
Brochure - Vijaya bank
manuelsons Brochure
AMT Brochure p2
New U-Tent Card
GGJS Brochure
Magic Bricks
AMT Brochure p1
GGJS Brochure Inside
New U-Tent Card
GCC Brochure
Brochure- Kristhu Jayanthi
AMT Brochure p3
Swayamwar - This brouchure i have designed for the Indian bridal show which is going to happen in Dubai in 2008 for the client
Brochure-Realty India inside
Event Gurus
Brochure-Realty India
Fashion - Lifestyle- Brochure
India Property show dubai
India Property show dubai - India Property show dubai 08 brochure done for ps world events
Brochure-property Show
GCC -Graduation day
Gulvady Infrastructure
OBX Invitation
Brochure - Confident group
Tri-fold Brochure
Pharma future
Package - Cardioma
RealT India-Brochure
Times of india brochure - Times of india property show brochure
Pharama Future
Brochure & posters
Rupesh Rajendran
14+ years of experience in advertising/ marketing communication Bangalore, India