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Creating a "keepsake" item is one way to move towards more sustainable packaging. Empathy Wines wanted an elegant shipper to present their wine enthusiasts with. Developing a rugged tray that mimics a drawer, including the finger hole for directing the pulling movement created not only a shipper that could withstand transit, but also something to use over and over again when storage is of concern.
Native came to me with a great opportunity to take their Holiday 3 pack into Target stores. The inspiration came from a macaron box which elevated the product with a nice experience for users in a slide out tray and sleeve.
Native already had gotten their Holiday 3 pack into Target stores and had presented me with a challenge to design the 2.0 version for them. Some of improvements were focused on showing more of the products unique spherical shape off. So I decided to utilize a nice PET box with a combined customized folding carton insert to hold the product in place during transit to prevent the Native logo from turning once it hit shelves.
Apostrophe wanted to create a nice upboxing experience for their product that was consistent with their current branding and we landed on these two slide top folding cartons which left a little reveal of their pop of color and a roll end tuck front shipper with the same color to the inside to keep consistency.
LAFC wanted to keep their razor handle and cartridges organized in something that would print well. I designed this STE folding carton to keep things tidy and give them enough space to lay some product shots and text.
Sometimes customers need assistance in visualizing a designers ideas into something tangible. I designed this 3-D conceptual rendering to help Blueland understand the ideas I had around their sustainable re-design on their current box.
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Care/of sells personalized vitamins and their pouches needed a way for users to take their daily dosages but in a more keepsake fashion. It needed to be aesthetically pleasing enough to keep on a kitchen counter and functional to keep all the pouches organized. This folding carton gravity feed was the perfect solution.
Want to create packaging that's biodegradable? Seed Health and Lumi combined forces to develop this Mycellium tray which is made up of the root structure of mushrooms. It decomposes naturally in soil in 30 days. The flood coated mailer encapsulates the innovative insert with a branded green to promote the brands overall message of nature and science. This company sells health supplements and wanted to protect their glass jars during transit while promoting a story of sustainability at the same time. This choice of material combined with the Roll End Tuck Front Shipper made a perfect unboxing for them.
Game of Thrones was a huge hit for HBO and to celebrate they came to me with ideas of some sort of photo op display which was to be featured at Walmart that would not only allow for customers to stop by and snap a picture, but simultaneously hold multiple boxsets of their Blu Ray discs. This cylindrical tower boasted over 10 feet tall with an opening which could allow a 6ft person to enter and place their faces into diecut holes and be viewed on the other side for a photo. It also had double sided shelving which could hold their Blu Ray discs. In order to get this tower structurally sound it took multiple sketches of figuring out the internal frame made up of multiple stacked double wall and a complex printed wrap that covered up all the intricacies behind the walls.
This design was for a cutlery brand, Material Kitchen, which needed to display multiple tools with a great unboxing experience. Their customized handles with logo imprinted into the butt of their handles were a key focus so I created custom trays that not only held the product in place during transit, but revealed the logos all at once upon opening the lid of the shipper.
Re-use is the new recycle! The "Forever Bottle" is Blueland's concept behind modern sustainable household cleansers. Simply fill with water and drop the subscription tablet into the appropriate color coded bottle and use and reuse. This compact Mailer holds the 3 bottle set and incorporates silhouette cutouts for security, side slots for tablet holding and a nice pop of their branded blue to the inside for surprise. Showing off the clear custom designed bottles and giving off a clean, minimal appearance was the focus here. Although their product was not necessarily fragile being a hard plastic, a false bottom and snug cutout was used to add more security.
The rapper/actor/writer, Childish Gambino released a boxset featuring his music on vinyl and needed Virtual Reality goggles that could promote his VR 360 music video to be included in the set. I came up with a simple and sleek cardboard design shown on the bottom left of the photo that would accommodate most smart phones on the market. It utilized velcro closures, hand glued plastic lenses, and die cut holes to be able to hold the phone in place as you watched the VR experience.
Glass items are fragile to ship in the mail and if not protected correctly could present many problems. Spice House needed a solution to give their customers a giftable unboxing and ensure their spices didn't end up all over their shipper, but onto their plates. A combination of substrates from folding carton, corrugated paper, and fancy designed labels gives the brand the elevated feel they were after while protecting their fragile glass jars. I designed these thin E-Flute sleeves which pinched at the ends to ensure no movement and added protection during transit. The folding carton giftbox utilized a custom diecut insert to highlight the jars when revealed after sliding out the sleeve.
One way to achieve sustainability, especially with multiple skus, is to reduce the overall amount of packaging used. Get Maude's modern take on sex items had a range of over 10 different combinations in which to fulfill in a single sized shipper. The innovation was in the development of the interchangeable inserts which could be transformed to fit any of the various orders.
Beautiful and elegant, this design was for a health and beauty company called, Sakara Life. They wanted an elevated experience to hold multiple items and display well at retail.
Haro bikes wanted to celebrate the legacy of rider, Eddie Fiola with this release of the bike he rode. I wanted to highlight the great lines of the frame while being able to ship the heavy parts, protect them, and still accommodate the additional gifts, like the t-shirt and collateral. A multi-tiered diamond-shaped shipping box reiterates the bike frame's lines giving viewers a curiosity to the contents inside, and breaks the conventional square/rectangular shaped shippers which dominate the market. It also had a small tiny shipper box inside the bottom layer to hold all the gifts.
This D2C lingerie company wanted to design a shipper that was similar to a clutch purse and could fit their largest items as well as a sustainable wash bag. I sketched out some initial ideas and came up with this triangular shaped side gusseted box. It needed to bend in the right places in order to get the shape to work so I opted for E-Flute, a thinner more flexible substrate.
Brooklyn Candle company came to me with their current shipper which they still wanted to use and a new glass jar and a set of matches in a custom match box they wanted to highlight. I knew whatever I designed it needed to show off the matches as a secondary gift, as well as making sure the candle was not only protected during transit, but also was still the main focus during unboxing. The result was this custom insert with a false bottom, diecut holes to secure the jar at the correct height and reversed tabs and key points of the insert top to accommodate the match box.
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