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Breaking Boundaries: Lighting for Speedo

"Breaking Boundaries" is a form of illumination that sums up the Speedo attitude. The repetitive fabrics sway gently at the slightest movement of air, mimicking the gentle ripple of a pool of water. The white fabrics provide an empty canvas for the color-shifting LED tubes, which can be adjusted to glow in different colors to suit occasions or mood. It signifies Speedo's boundless imagination and innovation to improve the swimming experience.
A Speedo logo is present as a void within the light, only visible at certain angles. It is a tribute to Speedo's success in competitive swimming: they left the opponents chasing thin air. The logo looks as if it is travelling through the layers of fabrics like cutting through obstructions and difficulties; hence the name. // Winner, Speedo Global Headquarters Design Competition 2010

Ryan Cheah
Designer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia