Dutch Design - The students had to study the concepts behind notable dutch furniture designs and try to re-make a similar one using their own interpretation, materials and context.
Brand furniture - A related project to their main module in Interior Design, where they have to choose a company/brand and design its office. In this module, the students have to design a furniture for the same chosen company/brand that expresses its characteristic.
Chairs - Using only discarded chipboards from IKEA, design a pair of chairs within 1m x 1m with contrasting personalities.
Paper furniture - Design a chair using only paper (no cardboards allowed). Focus on texture and senses that paper can offer.
Diploma Students' Work

A selection of Diploma in Interior Design students' work from the furniture design module, done under my supervision and tutoring as module leader.

I brought in a much more conceptual approach to this module, which was previously dominated by briefs centered around common interior settings, such as Office Furniture and Residential Furniture. Since this module only serves as a secondary subject for two semesters in the entire diploma course, I sought to reduce its focus on technical aspects, and instead introduce more material-based, hand on projects for the students.

Ryan Cheah
Designer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia