Workstation option.
Open wardrobe option.
Bookshelf option.
TV cabinet option.
A compilation of selected sketches during the design process.
Exploration of the design using paper and card models.
Construction of the main metal frame structure.
Fabrication of the canvas parts.
Construction of the custom design front wheel fork.
Finishing touches of the Frame - wooden bench part, legs and the spraying process.
NTU Design Industries exhibition, 2012.
Close up details of the final prototype.

Frame is essentially a 3-person bench with wheelbarrow features, enabling it to be easily transported to wherever
seatings are needed. The structure that completes it provides an empty frame that can be modified, or hacked, by
the users to become different furniture solutions, such as a bar-height workstation, a small open wardrobe, a
bookshelf, or even a TV bench. This design is an exploration on how a fixed, modular form can be adapted into
different environments and can be used by many people in various ways.

Ryan Cheah
Designer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia