Selected sketches and a prototype.
Early form exploration using wire.
Rudy - the real iron man - shapes a 10mm steel rod according to the mock up.
Modelling clay / play dough was used to shape the waves.
A wax model from the manufacturer.
Ironman 70.3 Philippines Triathlon Trophy

A trophy designed for the Ironman 70.3 triathlon event in Cebu, Philippines in August 2013. The trophy is based on the medal design with the similar trinity loop concept, each representing the road (running), the wheel (cycling) and the wave (swimming); except that in this trophy, the forms are more exaggerated. The sculpture is mounted on a folded metal stand which gives it its industrial look without the bulk of solid bases. Project designed under the direction of Kenneth Cobonpue.

Ryan Cheah
Designer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia