McDonald's Guangzhou Flagship Store

NOTE: I AM NOT THE DESIGNER of the interior or furniture of this restaurant.

This is my first major involvement after joining Kian, which has a furniture manufacturing plant in Foshan, China. McDonald's APMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa) commissioned Hong Kong architect Nelson Chow to design a new concept interior decor as part of their store refurbishment project. Named Eatery, this new concept is inspired from the freshness and community environment of a marketplace. Kian is one of the three manufacturers approached to develop the designs from paper to production, and I have been involved in this project from day 1.

A small team consisting of technician, QC, sales, procurement, etc was formed for this project. My role is to serve as the communication liaison between the designer (Nelson), client (McDonald's) and the manufacturer (us), besides assisting in the progression of day to day sample production.

These images display the Guangzhou flagship store that we furnished.

Ryan Cheah
Designer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia