Nike Concept Store

The main concept for this retail space is streamlined luxury. Nike's products are known for its aerodynamic design; but the main products in this case are the bags instead of shoes and sports equipment. As bags are used as portable storage, they have also become lifestyle items. The design of the store have to exude quality and exclusivity, yet not overwhelm speed and aerodynamicity.
The form interpreted from the sketchmodels are integrated into the retail space. Strong, bold and angular acrylic blocks form the counter, shelving and seatings. The shapes are coloured in fluorescent orange to accentuate speed and movement, making them stand out from the deliberately monotonous interior of glass, granite and aluminium, which highlights technology and luxury. Some forms are doubled onto the ceiling to create a lightweight ambience. // 2nd Place – INTERIORS Malaysia Young Talent Competition 2008

Ryan Cheah
Designer Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia