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This was a product concept for the prescriptive eye wearing, movie-goer. This concept was intended to secure the viewer's glasses, as they followed the movie.
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The assignment was to create a floor lamp from concept to final prototype. The term "Oiko" means family. I interpreted the design from the visual patterns of smoke. As smoke rises from different sources, it begins to merge with the other smoke clouds, creating unity.
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The assignment was to design a salt and pepper shaker. The design was inspired from Shitake Mushrooms. It has a soft dome-like head and custom coloring. The benefit of this design is the ability to stack spices onto one another to eliminate spacial clutter at the counter.
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This project was the design of a drinking vessel. It was inspired for commuters and science fiction enthusiasts. I wanted to create something that would make the individual feel like they were moving through the blackness of space. I wanted to create something sleek and "spaceship-like."
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This project was to create a writing tool. The objective of the assignment was to create two different pens that were to be inspired by an artist and a brand identity.
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The rendered design of this box cutter was to create something lightweight and elegant. It has matte black rubber coverings to create non-slip grips while cutting through tough cardboard.
Commuter Bags #2
Ear Bud Concepts
Ryan Quan
Product Designer / Illustrator San Francisco, CA