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David Michael Miller Associates - Rural French Estate

This newly constructed home in Scottsdale, Arizona, was designed and built in a style of architecture indicative of southern France’s Rhone Valley. Many of the materials and building features of the home were selected and acquired in France, in order to create a character and aestheticism not often seen outside of the southern French countryside. The approach to the interiors globally, as well as in the selection and delineation of the interior finishes, millwork designs, etc. was to create a practical family home, and to let the interior finishes recede into a believable and simple backdrop. The interiors are not wholly historical, but do utilize antiques to harmonize with the building itself. The color palette was created to be muted, and to resist trend. The finishes for all interior features are understated, and perfectly practical for a comfortable family retreat.

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Ryan Vink
Designer Scottsdale, AZ