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Active Solar - Active Solar employed my services to develop and create a logo for their new company. The objective was to create a mark that not only embodied their youthful energy and optimistic outlook, but also includes a visually dynamic mark that represents many interpretations, all of which, support the nature of their industry and company culture.
ondiso - Originally designed for my senior design thesis, this logo mark has become one of my favorites and I have plans to use it in a future endeavor. The process and development of this name and mark is very exhaustive and complex to explain here, but I can say it was derived from the philosophy, Neo-Platonism.
2 Degrees - 2 Degrees was created while developing a concept for a new cologne. The final name and logo mark was derived strictly through form following function. The cologne concept has 2 strengths of the same fragrance for day or evening use, thus 2 Degrees.
jacobmarks - Jacobmarks Publishers look to partner with authors in a variety of ways to help bring their books to fruition. This lighthearted group with all the best of intentions deserved the same for their logo mark and identity. The boy running with the kite symbolizes the ultimate partnership that Jacobmarks strives to provide - both sides working in unison to achieve a higher goal.

Designed and developed while employed at David Riley Associates as Interactive/Art Director.
Smith Group - Smith Group needed a logo and identity developed to differentiate them from the many residential real estate groups located in Southern California. Utilizing an unconventional color scheme and creating a multi-faceted logo mark, the Smith Group now stands out amongst the rest.

Designed and developed while employed at David Riley Associates as Interactive/Art Director.
Systrim - Systrim: derived from "A System that Trims" is a weight loss system that is comprised of three separate components that were designed for immediate results. The logo mark represents those three components and symbolizes the slimming effects that it will have on your body.

Capacity: Name Development / Design
Pulse - Proposed name and logo design for a new all-natural energy bar. The concept that drove the development of Pulse was to create an identity that stepped away from the conventional design for natural food products and actually design it to look flavorful and appetizing.
S3X - S3X, was a brainchild of mine while creating a conceptual razor for fcuk (French Connection United Kingdom). So, staying in line with the visual trickery fcuk deploys in their logo mark, I created The S3X (Superior Triple Blade) razor. Please view the ad camapign for this product in the "Print Design" section.
Branderstar - Unique name development in the saturated industry of promotional products proved to be challenging. After lots of trial and angst, Branderstar was born. The Rock Star of Brands, the ultimate name for a company that promises to provide you and your company with the latest and greatest products to place your brand on. The aggressive and energetic logo was created to bring the life and a rock star attitude to an industry littered with the mundane.
Access Global Healthcare - Access Global Healthcare is a company that sends you to destination medical procedures all around the globe. The logo successfully brings a strong visual identity, while creating a sense of light and renewal.
a.c.t. - a.c.t. is a natural ingredient energy drink that is distributed through a multilevel marketing company. The a.c.t. logo symbolizes the advanced molecular science that is at the forefront of this product, while also staying fun and energetic for the wider audiences and distributors to embrace and use.
Lucid - Conceptual name development and logo design for a fashion clothing design company. This logo incorporates a fluid script that flows effortlessly from one letter to the next, while seamlessly incorporating an understated star icon that adds the finishing touch to this sexy and provocative logo mark.
Opti - While designing a conceptual futuristic camera, I developed a name and logo for it. Opti– short for optical because it doesn’t have the standard optical lens. Instead it utilizes an opti-digital mesh to bring the picture in through the backside of a digital screen. The logo design is completely driven by the shape and look of the camera. The ‘O’ in the logo is the camera in its simplest form. Please view the camera design in the ’Product’ section.
Logo Design
Ryan Currier
Art Direction Irvine, CA