The Lotus - This image is a photoshop rendering that is did from a 1min sketch. The rendering took about 5 hours
sketches - Problem: Home security; how do you catch the crook in the act? the system takes pictures of the crook in action and sends to e-mail. if stolen it has a GPS tracker. it also uses Sony's UMD format to play movies.
cad - The clock is a i model i made two years ago to fit in the cornor of a wall I also made the real model that looks just like this one and gave it to my parents. the bottom tray is for my mothers porcelain and the bottom is the mesh of the back to the future car just to show my skill lever with cad programs.
Doorchime CD - This is a Doorchime that has the normal chime plus it plays your selction of a music CD or mp3 when the doorbell pushbutton is pushed. It is a working model that I designed to work to a wireless pushbutton.
This Lotus was made in Adobe Illustrator. It took about 3 hours to do. I really liked doing this car, and there was no outside motivation other than that