Filway's Philippine Almanac cover spread - The final cover design chosen. The black outer bands both on the front and back would be in imithlyn with white stamping for the text. It's currently under consideration. Otherwise, full C2S dust jacket format.
Cover study - A typography centered design study. I don't know if it can be seen, but there is an old Philippine map pattern design on the white. I would've had it in silver ink if approved. A beauty if it ever came to be.
Obverse cover study 1 - Unused cover study. Our apartment had an interior trellis I wanted to use for a design, and this book project fit it. That's my wife peeking there.
Mannahatta Mahal final cover - A UP Press project. Final cover for Luis Cabalquinto's poetry book, with photo by Dmitriy Bukhonko.
Si Rizal: Nobelista final cover (Rizal: The Novelist) - Final cover for a book written by Virgilio S. Almario, National Artist for Literature. The photo was taken with my quill over a facsimile of Rizal's Noli Me Tangere draft. Yep, that is Rizal's hand writing. Photo also by me.
Tackling America's Toughest Questions cover - Book cover for Francis Boyle's book from Clarity Press
Global Depression and Regional Wars - Book cover for James Petras' book published by Clarity Press.
Forging a Nationalist Foreign Policy - Final cover and spine for Prof. Roland Simbulan's book for Ibon foundation
Triple! Punch! Komiks! cover - A comicbook anthology from Polyhedron Comics, a local comic group here in the Philippines.
Supot ni Hudas (Judas' Pouch) - Final cover for a Poetry book by Virgilio S. Almario, National Artist for Literature, published by UST Press. 3D lamination, with silver and gold foil stamping for the stars and title. I would've chosen a thinner font, but the foil wouldn't have stayed properly. Supot ni Hudas (Judas' Pouch) by the way, is our local constellation name to the star cluster Pleiades
Love's a Vice - Cover for Krip Yuson's collection of translated poems by Mike Bigornia, published by NCCA. The beer bottle shape at the back is of San Miguel beer, and the image of San Miguel vanquishing the devil is from a local gin called Ginebra San Miguel
Ka Bel book cover - Tentative cover for Ina Alleco Silverio's biography of Crispin Beltran, great Filipino labor leader and congressman. Cover illustration by Wilford Almoro. Edit: No longer final cover.
Mannahatta Mahal cover study 01 - A UP Press project. Cover study for Luis Cabalquinto's poetry book, with photo by me of the wife, intentionally overexposed.
Mannahatta Mahal cover study 02 - A UP Press project. A cover study for Luis Cabalquinto's poetry book, with photo by Dmitriy Bukhonko. I like my play with the towers, but the author preferred the original photo with the light thingees.
Misterios and Other Poems - Cover design for Neil Garcia's book for UP Press. I think it won an award for best poetry book in 2005 by the National book Awards, given out by the Manila Critics Circle. If you look at the background, there is a silhouette of the holy mother and child. Mysterious, indeed.
War Crimes in Gaza and the Zionist Fifth Column in America - Cover design for James Petras' new book for Clarity Press. A juxtaposition of two photos from Gaza, and Capitol Hill
Appropriation of Colonial Broadcasting: A History of Early Radio in the Philippines, 1922-1946 - Cover design for Elizabeth L. Enriquez's book for UP Press about early Philippine radio broadcasting history. Had fun with this, going around antique shops looking for specific radio models. We ended up finding one at Vintage Pop at Cubao X. It even had a mp3 collection of early broadcast stuff. Coolness.
Tatlong Pasyon Para sa Ating Panahon (Three Passions for our Generation) - Produced under Adarna House, UST was gracious enough to carry it under their 400th Anniversary-400 Books program. A small chapbook dotted with great illustrations, it's one of my favorite book projcts. Book cover and design by me.
The Americanization of Manila: 1898-1921
Pag-aabang sa Kundiman (Waiting at Kundiman) - Cover for Edgar Samar's book of poetry, with illustration by Panch Alcaraz and published by Ateneo Press. Kundiman is a street in Manila.
The Forest Cover - Cover design for William J. Pomeroy's book for UP Press.
The Black Book II - Cover design for Dr. Y.N. Kly's book for Clarity Press. Hajji Malik Al-Shabazz is Malcolm X by the way.
Supot ni Hudas (Judas' pouch) - Client: UST Press (working for Adarna House) Date: 2002 (?) My first book cover for National Artist for Literature, Virgilio Almario. Supot ni Hudas is what Filipinos call the constellation Pliedes, or the seven daughters of Atlas.
Speak Chinese-Filipino-English - Client: World Link Books, Philippines Year: 2010 One of my latest clients. Illustration by Arvie Villena.
The Neo-Catholics - Client: Clarity Press, USA Date: 2008(?)
The Palestinian Right of Return Under International Law - Client: Clarity Press Date: 2010 My second book cover for Francis Boyle. The photo was from
The Evil Axis of Finance - Client: Clarity Press Date: 2011
Islamophobia - Client: Clarity Press Year: 2011
Talong/Tahong Cover - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011 part of a two book series, with this one about homoerotic stories. A minimalist take on an erotica book.
Laglag-Panty, Laglag Brief - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011 Part of a two book series, with this one about heterosexual stories. A minimalist take on an erotica book.
Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games - Client: Clarity Press Year: 2011
Florante at Laura - Client: Adarna House, Inc. Year: 2005/6 (?) The author wanted the cover to be look epic, to feature the war between the Christians and the Muslims ala the Lord of the Rings. He referred me to a painting he knew. I did my research at the UP Fine Arts Library, then googled the painting. Nowadays, you do it the other way around. The painting is a detail from the fresco titled "The Battle of Milvian Bridge," credited both to Raphael and Giulio Romano.
Heroes In Love: Four Plays - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 History! Theater! Heroes! Love! The original concept was hearts with arrows, but marketing said it was too... much.
Ang Huling Dalagang Bukid at ang Authobiography na Mali: Isang Imbestigasyon - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011 Cover for Jun Cruz Reyes' novel/autobiography for Anvil. He did the front cover illustration, while I did my best to make it elegant. Yes, the word "Authobiography" in the title was intentional :)
Memo Mula Gimokudan - Client: UP Press Year: 2005 I think my second cover for Sir Rio. Painting by Noel Pascual.
The Power of Israel in the United States - Client: Clarity Press Year: 2007 My first cover design for Clarity Press. I was afraid that the concept of the star of david as the stars in the US flag was already used. Still do.
How Wall Street Fleeces America - Client: Clarity Press Year: 2011 This one went through a gamut of revisions. In the end, when I was gonna throw the towel, I did an occam's razor solution, and voila. Study approved.
The Arab Revolt and The Imperialist Counterattack - Client: Clarity Press Year: 2011
Frontlines of Diplomacy - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011 A collection of interviews/oral history from Philippine Ambassadors to various countries through the years.
The Anvil Jose Rizal Reader - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011 Edited by Ani Habulan, this collection of works from writers and artists commemorates Rizal's 150th anniversary of birth.
Brigada Eskwela - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011
On the Road to Disaster: Gaps in Republic Act 9729 and Philippine Climate Change Policies - I got to work on this with Lisa Ito-Tapang for CEC-Philippines. Due to budget issues, it was to be printed only in two colors, but paper and publication size solutions later, color can be afforded, and voila, full color flood!
Babayeng Sugid/Cebu Stories - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011 With painting by Lea Lim
Sang Una (Once Upon a Time) - Client: Monina Magallanes Year: 2011
Ang Maikling Kuwento sa Pilipinas: 1896-1949 (The Short Story in the Philippines: 1896-1949) - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012
Aurora Aragon Quezon - Client: READ, Inc. Year: 2012 A companion book to "Manuel Luis Quezon," also published by READ Inc. With this book, I tried bringing back together two typographic partners: Sarah Eaves and John Baskerville by using the fonts Mrs Eaves and Baskerville MT. Font geek.
Confronting the Ecological Crisis: A Situationer on Philippine Environmental Issues and Struggles - Client: Center for Environmental Concerns-Philippines Year: 2012 I love how a good photo does all the work for a cover. The reflection of the title and logo is me just showing off :)
Tibak Rising - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 The front photo came from a low resolution file. I hope the "magic" I did to it would look good in the end. The fonts used were intentionally retro: helvetica and times new roman, plus a typewriter font at the back over a yellow paper pad! :)
2012 philippine mining situation 041712 - Client: Center for Environmental Concerns-Philippines Year: 2012 A design playing on the different layers of the earth/the main core of the problem is mining .
Reclaiming Democracy in a Globalized State - Client: Clarity Press Year: 2012 The wonders of Wikicommons, and the concept of creative commons at work! :),_DC.jpg
The Maya Kitchen Perpetual Cookbook Diary - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 This is the first project I had where the title kept on changing even after the design was approved, sent to the printer, and digital proofs were made. Crazy! This is the most recent file I have, but you can see it on bookstores with a different title :) The challenge for this project was to make it look like a planner/diary rather than a cookbook. In the end though, we had to go with what the client wanted, and that was full food presentation.
Flames Over Baler - Client: UP Press Year: 2012 I intentionally used red and yellow for the color scheme as a cue to the Spanish flag. later I find out that the author was a bit apprehensive of this, but decided no longer to comment so there would be no more delays.
Ka Amado - Client: UP Press Year: 2012 An exercise in simplicity.
Magnificat: Mama Mary's Pilgrim Sites - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 What I jokingly describe as my ticket to heaven. When asked by Saint Peter on what I've done on earth, I'll mention this to improve my chances getting in. This is also an example of how taking pictures of random things will eventually pay off. I took a photo of this Theotokos (Greek name for Mary) style painting of Mary while waiting for an exhibit to end. Years later, here it is, being used on a cover.
Teaching Philippine Novels: An Anvil Guide - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 I went to the mall to shoot the photos needed for this project. Three restaurants were chosen for theri lighting: ToastBox (back cover photo), Cafe Bretton, and Krispy Kreme (front cover photo). I had to do a stakeout to sit on the couches at Krispy Kreme. People tend to linger more for wifi nowadays rather than for the food. And in my case, a photoshoot for a book cover.
a Clash of Cultures - Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011 An unused cover. I was waiting for confirmation on what study was going to be approved for this project when I was informed the editor of the book went on and did a design of their own (it happens!). It's just textbook juxtaposition, but I love how it works as a visual representation of the clash of cultures the book discusses. Lastly, the subtle cross embedded in the design was a solution to a previous study where the cross was overtly displayed.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 The two kidneys forming a heart was suggested by the publisher. Hey, it works :)
Client: Clarity Press Year: 2012 The world in the crosshairs of the NATO logo. The NATO logo as a crosshair imagery was actually used by the organization itself in one of its propagandas so yeah, negative association to their image didn't come from me.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 After a year and a half, Anvil is finally releasing the Shakespeare plays translated in Filipino by Rolando S. Tinio. While doing initial thumbnails for Makbet, a colleague mentioned that the Filipino version was performed in UP, with the story set in Ifugao. It was one step more in localizing Shakespeare's story, and this gave me the idea to do the same with the covers. Anvil agreed on the idea and presto, more work for me since I already did the Scottish macbeth illustrations. Worth it though.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 The second Shakespeare book coming out soon, the Filipino translation of Twelfth Night.
Client: Clarity Press Year: 2012 A book shedding light on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) struggle in Sri Lanka.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 Some last minute changes after taking seriously the issue of reading this book as "Pakbet", a name of a Filipino vegetable cuisine! The bard's name is now mentioned, as well as the original English title. The fear of mistaking this as a cookbook!
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 Last minute revisions, incorporating the original english title and the full name of the bard.
Client: Anvil Publishing/Maya Kitchen Year: 2012 One of four cook books I'm working on right now. A mix of the retro, silhouette kitchen utensils and the modern, chunky font popular with cookbooks nowadays. I thought it was necessary since this is a small book and it needed to be noticed quickly.
Client: POGS (Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society) Year: 2010 I designed a series of books for POGS, each one tackling a different topic related to their profession. This was the last of the series, and the with the deadline became too tight, I decided to use simplified imagery rather than freehand drawing. It came out better actually. It went well with the simple, no frills design the doctors wanted.
lient: Clarity Press Year: 2012 Unused book cover study. They thought it was too much a prose novel type of design. Just posting it for posterity's sake. I'll show the approved design when it's off to press.
Client: Clarity Press Year: 2012 The design is a throwback to those late 80s/early 90s political paperbacks with silver ink backgrounds. The original design was meant to feature Iraqi kids, victims during the invasion and occupation of Iraq. But the book tackles very specific incidents that we couldn't find any photos of. We were almost going to use a non-specific iraqi kid looking straight at you, sad and all, but I advised them not to as the book might be accused of fishing for sympathy with a photo not related to incidents tackled in the book. Solution? Graphic design play on Iraq's new flag, with the red band as dripping blood on an oil-black land.
Client: POGS (Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society) Year: 2010 This one is a sourcebook for HIV and AIDS. The circular things floating around is what the AIDS virus looks like in the micro level.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2011 One of the heaviest projects I've worked on. Not because of the number of studies it went through, nor the photo research that entailed, as a design was quickly chosen from the first batch of studies, and the photos were given freely by the writers. What made it heavy was that the photos given to me for use were the photos of departed loved ones, and I had to come up with a design that both gave respect to their memories, and justice to the writings about them contained in the book. Props to Anvil for allowing this design, as well as to the authors who wholeheartedly shared the photos of their departed loved ones.
Client: Minifred Gavino Year: 2012 A cover design for a local publication centering on Baybayin, yhe native ways how our Filipino ancestors wrote.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012
Enter YoClient: Clarity Press Year: 2012 My last Clarity Press cover design to be printed for the year 2012. Man, I've lost count how many times I've used that globe illustration!
Client: UP Press Year: 2012 The text featured in the cover is the lyrics to the Philippine Supreme Court Hymn, written by Judge Jesus M. Elbinias. A literal representation that there is politics in the Supreme Court. It's been often used, this kind of concept, but I thought it a good design to interpret what the book was about.
10 Days, 10 Years: From Bin Laden to Facebook Unused cover design for Maria A. Ressa's latest book for Anvil. I like the play on Facebook's template and color scheme on this, especially on the lower part of the front cover.
The latest publication from our group Polyhedron Comics. Out this coming komikon on October 27th! Main story by Emil Flores and Ron Escultura, with a prose story by Ian Ian Val Magallona accompanied by illustrations by Caswallon LN (Nixon Na). It also features a story written by Emil Flores, illustrated by me.
Client: Bantay Kita Year: 2012 Cover spread for a publication about smalll scale mining, with striking photo by Julian W. Okubo. I saw his body of work on small scale mining during the exhibit of Sir Alex Baluyut's last batch of MCDP workshop students, which Julian was part of. His photos were striking and very memorable. Thus when I got this project, his works were the first ones I remembered that I could probably use. Kudos to him for allowing me so.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2012 Chocolates, anyone?
Title: The Interventionist God/The Contented Atheist flip book Year: 2012 This is the piece I made for the group exhibit Maureen Gaddi Dela Cruz organized, titled "In God We Art," held at Likha Diwa, Krus na Ligas, UP Diliman. It's a cover spread for a flip book anthology on musings about God, as well as living without God.
Client: Anvil Publications Year: 2013 I was given the chance to do the cover for the Philippine edition of this book, originally published by Akashic Books in the US: The design is more "murakami noir" for me. It's noir, but doesn't have that dark and gumshoe-like feel. A bit pop-ish with splashes of red, yellow and blue. The angel statue can be found in one of the side streets behind SM North EDSA, and was featured on our photo blog last year: It's also a tip of the hat to the Weeping Angels, scary buggers featured in Doctor Who. Don't blink! What is also great with this book is that it has comics! Budj and Kajo's Trese is here with a great story. One of the perks of designing the cover was reading it in advance
Client: Clarity Press Year: 2012 My last Clarity Press cover design to be printed for the year 2012. Man, I've lost count how many times I've used that globe illustration.
Client:Anvil Publishing Year: 2013 An interesting anthology (It features Jose Rizal, Ricky Lee, and Ishmael Bernal!) that, thankfully, did not require me to watch all those "other woman" films with Derek Ramsay. It did require me to do research on photos that would fit the "other woman" image though (read: sexy lady photos). The cover features a photo of Evelyn Nesbit who was a famous querida during her time ( Also, one font I used on the cover, MrsEaves, was named after Sarah Eaves, the typographer John Baskerville's other woman, but later on wife. (
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2013 A collection of stories that, as the title says, shows the lighter side of Catholic saints (and some who are still waiting canonization). Front Cover: Top row- Saint Joseph, Saint Peter, Saint Luke Middle Row-Saint Augustine, Saint Francis, Saint Teresa Bottom row-Saint Lorenzo, Saint Kateri, Saint Therese Back Cover: Blessed Pier Giorgio, Saint Gianni, Blessed Pope John Paul, Saint Pedro (the latest Filipino saint in the house!)
Client: UP College of Mass Communications Year: 2013 The final cover to the February issue of UP-CMC's Plaridel. I previously posted one of the studies for this: Here is the note on the cover: A colorized pictorial photo of the 1937 movie Zamboanga, showing young mestizo actor Fernado Poe (Sr.) and Rosa del Rosario as Tausug “natives” with Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna in the background. (Photo courtesy of Nick Deocampo.)
Client:Anvil Publishing Year: 2013 An interesting read on the history of books in the Philippines. When I was offered this, it got me excited the way a book lover can only understand. Trivia: the dropcap I used at the back cover is from the first Filipino book, Doctrina Christiana.
Client: Robert Magnuson Year: 2013 It's funny to call Robert a client. I think it's more of colleague, better yet, friend. Anyways, he asked me to help him out with the cover to his Hero Kitten Kuting Magiting comicbook. Our group, Polyhedron comics is excited that people could finally see the pages we've been seeing and admiring for years now! The masthead isn't final yet, and the details on the lower circle has been changed as of press time. But the comicbook will be available tomorrow, April 13 at the Summer Komikon at the polyhedron comics booth (A34) along with other Polyhedron comicbook titles.
Client: NGO Forum on ADB Year: 2013 Ray Panaligan's photo book about the fisher folk communities at Calatagan, Batangas. I just got word that it's already out from the press. Congrats to Bogsi on this project! It was a treat designing it, one full of beautifully shot photos.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2013 I myself only knew of the truth while designing the cover.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2013 A book about Economics! Another one of those thick books. I like them, they offer me options for a non-screaming spine design.
Client: Philippine Air Force Flying School Class 1958 Year: 2013 This was an anniversary publication for the Philippine Air Force Flying School class of 1958. It was an interesting project, worth it to talk history with a bunch of pioneer Filipino pilots. It made me appreciate flying, and how man, with a complicated know-how of weather, science, and physics--distilled in a cockpit full of knobs, buttons, pedals, and levers--mastered flight.
Client: Clarity Press Year: 2013 Diana Collier, the publisher, at first wasn't keen on the studies I sent her for this book, so she brought the set to the author and made him decide. She later emails me that the final design was for her, one her favorites. One of those great instances where the publisher may not like what you submit, but trusts you enough to continue base on your strong belief on the design.
Client: UP Press Year: 2013 Study for Prof. Ordoñez's third volume of his coluns in The Manila Times. I'll be posting the final one when it gets launched in November.
Client: Robert Magnuson Year: 2013 Robert and I came up with a cover redesign for the second edition of Kuting Magiting. It also sports a new masthead and overall trade dress for future issues of the series. The first edition cover was done in a rush so it was great to come back and make a longer lasting design.
Client: A&S Books Year: 2013 A collection of flash fiction horror stories from Yvette Tan, with great illustrations from Nelz Yumul! I wasn't able to print any drafts in the course of designing this book, so I was surprised, come printing, that it fits snuggly right in my jean's back pocket.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2013 The aim was to make this tried and true cookbook be modern and hip. It wasn't "EC", but once you got the right photo and font, even a simple layout does wonders.
I originally had a plan to come up with covers for made up books. Until designing book covers actually became work and, well, it wasn't a respite anymore. This was one of them. The author's name is an Anagram for the character Mowgli. He first appeared in the short story "In the Rukh."
Cover spread to the 2014 NBDB Writing journal, to be distributed next year to their partners in books as well as in reading. It's full of first line quotes, thus the title. From novels, short stories, poems, and even songs, it was fun to see the first lines to some of my friends and colleague's works featured here.
The final cover spread for Prof. Ordoñez's third volume of compiled Manila Times columns. The original newspaper was just replaced by a laptop. Back cover photo by Jo A. Santos.
Client: NBDB Year: 2014 Cover spread to the National Book Development Board's 2013 Annual Report. Thematic to the 2014 writing journal I previously did for them, the annual report features last line quotes from novels, short stories, poems, and songs.
Client: Anvil/La Salle Green Hills Year: 2014
Client: Anvil/La Salle Green Hills Year: 2014
Client: UP College of Mass Communications Year: 2013 I know, I know, sagmeister did it already, I know. The original plan was to have a shoot and someone will facepaint the text. Budget of course, reigns in the idea. Then an illustrator colleague was kind enough to have her portrait be used, add my great handwriting to it and wallah, the August issue of Plaridel dealing on gender issues.
Client: Clarity Press Year: 2014 For my studies on this book, I used two fonts for the title: Gotham and Mercury, fonts that represented the recent US Presidential elections. With Obama choosing the former, and Romney the latter. Romney and his font could at least say they won in this (cover title) election.
Client: National Historical Commission of the Philippines/Year: 2014. Cover design for a collection of decalogues written by Apolinarion Mabini, Gregoria De Jesus, Andres Bonifacio, and Emilio Jacinto. Decalogues are like the ten commandments to the Katipunan, words to guide each member in their fight for democracy and to be a good Filipino. Cover illustration by Robert Alejandro!
Client: Clarity Press/Year: 2014
Client: Clarity Press/Year: 2014. For conspiracy theorists out there.
Client: UP Press/Year: 2014. First of a two volume series by J. Neil Garcia. I had fun designing this series. It made me realize that book design is the outlet to my photography.
Client: Anvil Publishing/Year: 2014. I saw this was out already in powerbooks. I haven't done a cookbook in a long while. Cover design and inside illustrations by me, book design by Joshene Bersales.
Client: UP Press Year: 2014 The second of the two volume series by J. Neil Garcia. UP peeps may recognize the mural by Ang Gerilya at the old Philcoa overpass. It's gone now, but hopefully it gets a second lease in life here. Albeit with an orange tinge.
Client: Plaridel/UP MassComm Year: 2014 I did two covers for Plaridel last year. This is one of them and involved me doing research on OFW pinoy movies and, uhm, Korean Telenovellas.
Client: NBDB Year: 2014 Cover to the National Book Development Board's 2015 writing journal. It has a great concept from writer/editor (also a book designer!) Bolix, where we bring into the spotlight the footnote, the oft ignored part of a book that actually offers you more information about the book or a story (I'm looking at you "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell"). The text and the white pages were supposed to have glow in the dark lamination, a literal bringing footnotes into light and for the symbolism of the book, its pages as illumination to humanity (char!). Sadly, deadlines and technical miss-communication prevented such.
Client: National Book Development Board (NBDB) Year: 2015 A minimalist take on the cover for this year's NBDB annual report. Based on a great concept from writer/editor (also book designer!) Bolix, where we implement how we put important information on the margins when we read books and documents. It's so red!
Felipe Agoncillo, tinaguriang 'First Outstanding Diplomat' ng bansa dahil sa pagrepresenta sa atin sa makasaysayang Treaty of Paris. Lingid sa kaalaman ng madla, maaatim na sana ng Pilipinas a ang kalayaan at independensya sa Espanya, kung hindi lamang sa mga tao na nagtatago sa anino ng kapangyarihan,kurapsiyon, royalidad sa Espanya, at aroganteng kapangyarihan sa bago pa lamang lumalayag na bansang Estados Unidos. Halina’t alamin ang tunay na istorya sa likod ng kurtina ng diplomasya: Pang-e-espiya sa mga banyagang lupa,pagungakat ng mga nakaririmarim na sikretong pambansa, at kapanapanabik na aksyon. Kilalanin si Felipe Agoncillo, ang unang pilipino na may natatagong identidad para makagawa ng kabutihan, ang unang pinoy super hero na ang pangalan ay binubulong lamang ng ilang nakakaalam: si Maskara.
A collection of stories proving that serving the people and serving God don't have to be two different paths one has choose from. From the popular fights for social justice like the EDSA revolution, to the little known struggles of farmer's rights to their land, indigenous people's protection from militarization, and right to land and housing for poor communities in the city.
“Diyos ko, Quiapo, ang ganda mo. Hindi ako magsasawang kunan ka ng litrato. Pero teka, yosi break lang ako.” Sabi ni Nero Shaf, bida sa unang nobela ni Little Wing Luna.
"One day,during luis katigbak's usual book run at the second hand book store, he saw a man hide a copy of Glyn Dillon's graphic novel 'The Nao of Brown.' A de rigueur for great finds when you don't have enough cash, he decided rhough, for the first time to make a steal. He did not realize that one upping this man would introduce him to a secret literary trade war spanning decades with the local underground second hand book trade (LUSHB) and Booksale, the nation's most organized, networked second hand book seller. Or so Luis and the rest of the country thought.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2014 A fun project. I got to color Pol Medina Jr. art! smile emoticon
Client: De La Salle University Publishing House Year: 2014 Neil requested a scene of the ocean, as inspired by Carlos A. Angeles' poem "Gabu." "Something should be at once sinister and friendly about this scene. bahala ka na" he said. The photo I got to use is from a US based pinay visiting Gabu, her hometown . She had a set of photos on facebook with the family going to a resort. I get photos from the most unexpected places.
Client: Joey Baquiran/UST Press Year: 2014 Concept of the cover was the act of highlighting passages on books, and writing down your thoughts, notes, or ideas on the margin.
Cover for a collection of ghost stories shared by call center agents during their yosi breaks. The kind of stories that make them not want to go back to their office cubicles... alone.
Client: NHCP Year: 2015 Cover to the 2014 Annual Report of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2015 Hey, it's no Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It's Pag-ibig.
Client: Anvil Publishing Year: 2015 The 25th anniversary edition of Margie Holmes' classic book. They opted for the simpler design out of all the studies I submitted. A "stratighforward design solution to a provocative book."
Client: Clarity Press Year: 2015 Timely book about climate change and the environment. That's the CO2 symbol in the middle of the circular photos by the way. Interesting fact: the author is a professor of Theology .
Client: Clarity Press Year: 2015 A 60s era vibe for the font and graphics to separate this with the other economics and finance books out there white background! sad photos! contemporary infographics and charts!). The circular rings is actually an element from another project that is still not finalized. It reminds me of Hitchcock era paranoia visuals (vertigo!)
Just recently found out about August being "Ghost month" and I remembered these studies I made for one of Jaime Licauco's books. I got Manix to draw the illustrations. It wasn't used as Licauco wanted something more serious. Still one of my favorite designs that didn't push through.
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