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Completely rebranded Overnightprints. Took a new approach to the the UI and the UX. Re directed the flow and funnels to provide a better and easier checkout process. Conversions are at an all time high.
Previously they had no mobile presence whatsoever. Goal was to show the company that mobile was a necessity. Branded a mobile and tablet version of the new site to reflect a true scalable site. Provided extensive mockups and layout to the developers to guide them through every step of mobile compatibility.
Subpage with pricing options. Previous version was several scroll lengths long. Selectable menus were difficult to select, options were not user friendly and were extremely difficult to navigate. Streamlined the process and shortened the page length. Increased revenue exponentially.
Created Social Media campaigns (social posts, videos productions, clips) that reflected current trends and events throughout the year. Resulted in highest interaction rate the company has ever had.
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Overnightprints: Re-Brand UX/UI

Rebranding the brand identity and user interface for America's number one online printer. Restructured process flow and experience throughout checkout.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Salvador Serrano
Story Teller/ Visual Design Las Vegas, NV