Benjamin Moore - This area holds three touch screens that attendees can interact with by answering the booth’s survey question: “What is your favorite color to go green in?” They will have the option of selecting one of the five colors that the booth features (red, green, blue, yellow, purple). The five colors help to distinguish the five featured products as well.
Benjamin Moore - Note that the down lighting changes color according to the current lead color in the survey. The color circle on the wall will also glow. These are very subtle, but they tie everything together and create a memorable experience for the attendees when they feel like they are part of the booth’s design.
Conference Room
Benjamin Moore - These stations break down the five products and the Green Promise into more detail with touch screen technology. Access to the conference room and storage room are also located on this side of the exhibit.
Benjamin Moore - Tradeshow Booth
Samantha Thibert
Exhibit Designer at Hamilton Exhibits Indianapolis, IN