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Sam Dirani Portfolio
Chaise Lounge Chair: Inspired by the curves of an Orchid, I envisioned this lounge chair being made from fiberglass with a white gel-coating. It is hollow on the underside and is painted with a bright metallic contrasting color to the high performance orange fabric, on the surface, covering a therapeutic memory-foam.

To prevent tipping if a user decides to sit on the leading edge ideally, the chair can be secured to the floor,or custom cast metal weights can be installed in the underside.
Heated wheelchair blanket with hand-held control
Cascade Shower Radio - Ultra thin shower radio with a mirrored surface. Sound is created through a "speaker film" material that covers the outside surface of the radio. The simple controls are touch sensitive, and the radio mounts to the shower wall using a water-proof form of 3M's command adhesive. The flash memory is accessible via a wireless home network.
Aeon Light Ideation 1
Aeon Light Fabrication 2
Aeon Light Final 3
Train Concept Ideation
Reflection Light Fabrication 1
Reflection Light Final 2
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Sam Dirani
Designer Raleigh, NC