I drew this landscape and I used aquarelles and pencils to color it . Dimensions : 50cm X 17.5 cm . It's a famous view of Bahari & Mansheya in Alexandria - Egypt
Aquarelles plus a little bit Gouache : 50 cm X 17.5 cm . Seascape representing the famous sealamp of Montazah & the bridge
A landscape did it from a photo 1994 as an exercise ...
Moise 's Mountain at Sinai - St, Catherine
Authority ..
ancient sdript
a scene from EGYPT
watching Pyramids in Egypt
old Cairo abstract - aquarelle with texture effects
white dom abstract - 1999 exhibition at l'atelier
silhouette - buildings allow many forms
Cairo buildings abstract - 1996 production one of collection
from the streets - aquarelle with texture's effects
churches form abstract - exhibition may 1999 Alexandria EGYPT
banana tree - It is on the left side , old painting ( detail )
K - aquarelles abstract
random buildings - 1999 exposition alexandria
landscape abstract - blocks abstract
desert nd mountains - colored mountains abstract
sea view - ruine de la citadelle
Samir Abadir
painter & illustrator & composer Alexandria, Egypt