cartoon drawing for brochure
pencil colors sketch style : illustration for kid 's book
character trial for a boy and a girl : pencil colors
Labanita cow skating - sketch of Labanita cow skating cool illustration
Labanita cow in cool car - sketch of Labanita cow with photoshop application
Labanita cow on bike cool illustration - sketch of Labanita cow on bike with photoshop application
portrait - 100 percent computer product without sketch
strange bird - creature imaginaire
baby face little boy - He looks like a driver in this position
la tortue de Mina mon fils - my son when he was 5 years old drawed this turtle and 1 year after he cut his drawing then I take it and make back ground and some photoshop effects
dokdok - egyptian cartoon I just draw it on request of my son when he was 4 years old
lady fish - I used for an advertisement poster last summer 2008
boy and girl and fruits - hand drawing for a nursery 2006 and pencil color
sale ad - sales girls
from AFRICA - character from pure imagination vector work
smily oange - for fun small art work
Zizo or Mizo - ungry boy , illustrator application without previous sketches
chef de cuisine - poster for pizzeria
old old art work - with painter and photoshop dated 2004
snoopy freinds - imitation of well known caracter
speakerine - 100 percent drawing with computer mouse no previous sketch

characters : I invented some ... I wish a day I invent a character will be memorable

Samir Abadir
painter & illustrator & composer Alexandria, Egypt