Pope Shenouda III - Commemration
kitchen flyer - flyer for kitchen shop
logo constuction field - creative logo human figure representing worker as a GIANT
Dolphin nursery
freehand design logo - logo
communication visual conception - logo designing communication It s my avatar
autonews - magazin ads
spiderman and fidodido - incomplet illustration demonstrate spiderman trying to reach an end to creativity on the ground and fidodido will clarify that creativity has no end
my business card
sync box logo - starting from the green yellow arrow the composition of this logo is done , it consists also the symbol of sound vibration in red as the shadow of the box figure
business card - arabic b. card font solution
tourism AD - Hurghada - Red Sea EGYPT
creative logo for sport purposes - competition in Cairo Pyramids is a symbol white and black represent win and lost the 11 repetition of the tex means 11 times competition repeated
wall texture - digital congrat card with texture effects
Adobe Illustrator CS3 - cover for a CD
Pizza Napoli banner - the real dimensions 4m10cm x 1m5cm well lighted in the nignt
giant 4 constructions - logo representing by font design a worker in the construction field : colors are close from real construction materials
touch communication - fictitious outdoor and fictitious mark
black eyes - girl is hidden by vector mask to let eyes follow beautifull lines
giant for buildings - logo giant is a worker colors are close to construction materials
bright - self training
designs for commercial purposes
Samir Abadir
painter & illustrator & composer Alexandria, Egypt