ottoman age - dream and stream
as on the earth as on the sky - conception des plaisirs innocents de la vie lèvent l'homme de la terre et le mettent dans le ciel
newspaper car - how light is this car ? `
bad wave - transformation de la nature
the living pharoah - photoshop appplication
sea musical jeans - old forgotten photoshop production 2006
Holy Book - pure adobe Illustrator production
Good morning from America - illustrator application April 2010
my lion is coming - pencil color and photoshop treatment
youth 2007 - painter plus photoshop application
pomipola - ce type est content car il est indifferent
no sens - no relation between typograhy and the photo wich represent Alexandria Library , only show how nice to process a page and respect negativ space
refused twice - a hand trace on face what will mean ?
vive la Nouvelle Egypte - after the Egyptian Revolution
swan - 100 percent photoshop
PEACE and FREEDOM - graphic 4 a t-sirt refer to T shirt set
Be Positive
light and darkness - illustrator cs3 , jun 2011
rate sign - it ls requested , illustrator cs3
from up or down - perception
it is not accessories - how do we accept these colors ?
color effect - illustrator cs3 , jun2011
psychological test - study in progress
illusion - concentrate on the center for few seconds...
bille - Adobe Illustrator cs3
new production 2009
Samir Abadir
painter & illustrator & composer Alexandria, Egypt