La couronne d'├ępines - oil painting on canvas
2d : 60 cm x 80 cm
date : July 2010
copied from a small print
Virgin 's apparition Cairo 1968 - Oil painting on canvas
2d : 70 cm x 100 cm
date : August 2010
represent the Virgin's apparition
on dom of Zeitoun Church
Cairo April 1968
oil on canvas : ROUDY portrait 40x50 cm - dated April 2011
de chez Dina Dessouki december 2013
oil on canvas : 35x50 cm
It is not a real wall - mixed media
the Nil - oil painting on canvas 120x90cm
detail of three trees painting - 1998 production , I missed this time when I was painting in my studio
this is not the entire work
detail from the Nil - oil painting
sea view from Alexandria - oil pastel sketch
Kayet Bey Citadell - oil painting on canvas 50x35cm
abstract - oil painting on canvas 100cmx70cm
face to face - oil painting on canvas 90cmx120cm
Ashraf Saad - oil painting on cavas .. small piece
done life ... dated 1996
Samir Abadir
painter & illustrator & composer Alexandria, Egypt