écolière - quick sketch 2 capture a position
eyes - imitation from a photo
old man - bic bleu light photoshop treatment
étudiante - old position study
de chez Dina Dessouki 2012
Ihab Atteya my friend - sketch done life in 20 minutes
Jesus Christ - photoshop
Tewfik El Hakim - portrait of the great egyptian theatre writer Tawfik El Hakim
Jesus digital easter 2005 - believe or not ... This portrait is done with painter with moving mouse without previous sketch from pure imagination ...
myterious piece of paper - digital 100 percent imagination 100 percent
my friend Mostafa - oil painting life and unfinished 1994
in the coffee shop - models in seated position
Youssef El Sebaei - the egyptian novelist Youssef El Sebaei photoshop treated
thinking - feutre noir
Sid Ahmed - egyptian thinker
dated 1999 - starting from an oil painting , I redo it digitally
Micho - old incomplete sketch photoshop treated
profil - statue grecque 1993
whisper - words capture mind
mine stupide - bic bleu sur fond de photoshop
el khawaga - feutre noir , fait rqpidement avec une négligence exprête
young man - with digital brushes I mean with mouth
ashraf Saad my friend - life sketch spontanee
saeidi - quick and free hand
myself - 100% digital painting - 2012
portraits and models

I drew lot lot lot lot of faces n human figures , from imagination or from life model or from photos , n I enjoyed that as long as I did it , I used different materials n sometimes I used software such as Photoshop , Corel ...etc . But the most I loved is to FREEHAND my sketches ... I'm grateful My Lord you gave me this .

Samir Abadir
painter & illustrator & composer Alexandria, Egypt