30 minute sketch_Vans
1st Shoe Render_Nike Hypermax
1st Car Rendering_SmartCar
Games Console Controller
Biro Sketch with Photoshop Render - A high performance, waterproof case to protect your Ipad on and o board. The design incoporates natural cork handles to ensure bouyancy if ever in water, aswell, as providing aesthetic tactile touchpoints for the user. The spongy Santoprene casing presents comfort whilst in use aswell as a waterproof wipe clean surface. The CorKase is aimed towards those who require maximum functionality along with high aesthetic appeal.
Tablet Render
Salt and Pepper Ideation
1st Tablet Render
Marker Render - Pen concepts in the style of Frank Gehry and Luigi Colani.
Wrangler Concept Dev.
Samuel McClellan
Mr Samuel J. McClellan London, United Kingdom