eV – electric wheelchair

«eV» – is an electric wheelchair driven by two wheel hub motors which are placed in the front wheels. The V-shaped aluminium frame allows the user to drive the wheelchair in two different ways; either in the indoor mode also called slow-action or the sport mode (outdoor mode).

The length of the wheelchair when using the indoor mode is as short as the one of a conventional wheelchair. The indoor mode is used inside of buildings with slower speed. By blocking the back wheel with the disc brake and pushing the gas at the same moment, the mode can be changed into the outdoor mode. This state is 40cm longer and 30cm wider and it therefore gives you more stability especially in the curves when driving up to 25km/h.
The electric motors can be supported by the hand impulse while driving in the sport mode.

This fascinating project was in cooperation with Andreas Bhend.
Thanks to him for the good teamwork.

Samuel Uebersax
Webflow Developer Zürich, Switzerland