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The concept represents an experiment, search for a new form in shipbuilding on Stealth technology. The image of a boat is taken from a shark-hammer, namely its fins and the unusual structure of the head.
Boat’s “fins” carry out the function of additional protection of crew and hold at its movement and landing of troops on coast. Also at the expense of the big equal surface of “fins” of a boat, the effect of invisibility for maintenance of the minimum effective surface of dispersion is reached. "Hammer" moves on the air cavern, at the expense of water-cannons and the propellers located in the back of the ship.
There are two large-caliber machine guns in a nasal part of a boat which are controlled distantly, in a management cabin; landing apron for loading-disembarkation of a crew and equipment; two projectors; electronic control means and detectors of the condition of the boat.
There is a mast with navigation and communication scanners on it in the rear part of the boat, in a superstructure. The exit is made through the hatch on the roof.
Inside, the hold is divided into 2 levels: at the first level, the landing of troops is realized through the nasal part of the boat, also there is a warehouse with arms, seats for passengers, a toilet, a medical compartment and sleeping berths. At the second level (superstructure), a running post of management of the boat and an exit in a back part, on the roof, are situated.

"Hammer" is designed for a crew of 6 persons (two pilots, two operators, the technician, the doctor) and for transportation up to 30 marines with easy transport equipment.
Technical characteristics:
Length: ~28 meters
Width: ~14 meters
Displacement: ~180 tons
Speed: not less than 40 knots * (at a total load of a boat)
Load-carrying capacity: 70 tons
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High-speed landing boat "Hammer"

Concept a hovercraft for Russian Navy. 3rd place in "United Shipbuilding Corporation Competition", 2011.

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Sanal Galushkin
Industrial and concept designer Санкт-Петербург, Russia