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The station represents the manned long-term flying machine intended for scientific researches and semi industrial production on an orbit of any body of the Solar system or in a free space for 18-27 people. Such station is capable to support lives of people staying on it for a long time period.
A symmetric natural form of snowflake was taken as a basis. In my opinion, such form is esthetically expressive and memorable.
The station structure is modular; it is easy to manipulate - to increase additional modules, to unite several stations in a colony, to convert modules etc.
The control module of the station
Transition compartment
Costume design
Medical module
Module for exercise
Warehouse of the station
Observatory of the station
Living module
The station is supposed to be built in space as a construction set from separate elements of the module, delivered from the earth, assembled on a frame. The form of habitable and scientific modules has a trapezoid form in a section. Other modules have the cylindrical form and the form of an equilateral triangle. Designing the station I followed a principle - «to adapt the environment for the people, not the other way round».

2010. Project for "Design Of Spacecraft Working And Living Environments" competition. 3rd place

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Space station concept

Space station concept for SP Korolev Rocket And Space Corporation Energia. 2010

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Sanal Galushkin
Industrial and concept designer Санкт-Петербург, Russia