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The cabin location in the module
Analyzing ergonomic problems
Functionally the cabin is divided into three main areas:
1. The area for storage of personal things, portable equipment, as well as monitoring events through a porthole;
2. The area of recreation and leisure activity for an astronaut in his spare time;
3. And the area of entry and exit from the cabin.
The constructive scheme of the cabin is frame, with the usage of beams and aluminium sandwich panels as interior walls.
The boxes are used as personal belongings storage system, embedded in the front part of the wall. In a closed view they look like stretched polyester fabric on rolled spring-controlled mechanism, fixed on the pointed magnetic latches.
The berth consists of several parts: the base attached to the tracks on the elastic stretch marks and can be used with a sleeping bag, and without it, fixing the position of the body only on the belt.

In the folded form polyester sleeping bag with the filler is stored in the back of the base of the bed. In the expanded form it is mounted on a fastener of velcro and dot magnetic latches on top.
Fixation system is presented in the form of elastic bands. By using them you can easily fix different objects and equipment on the surface of the wall.

In the central part of the cabin, above the glass panel, there is a pad, covered with a velcro with elastic straps, to accommodate personal items (photos, diaries, pennants and other elements of the psychosocial support).

For fixing an equipment for visual observations (camera, video camera, optical devices) on the left side of the porthole there are track strappings for brackets.

Also in the cabin you can find a system of track strappings for fixation of a mobile computer on the bracket, hard rail for fixation of an astronaut in space, for example when observing natural phenomena on Earth through the porthole, as well as to secure a berth.
The means of noise-, vibration isolation, shielding protection and protection from mechanical injury is a multi-layered padding of modular type, fixed on the walls of the cabin with the help of special clamps. The need for such a layered upholstery is dictated by the conditions of residence of cosmonauts in an aggressive environment, with very low and very high temperatures, strong radioactive emission and the close working mechanisms beyond the walls of the cabin, that may disturb the rest of a cosmonaut.
At the top of the cabin in the ceiling there is a bracket for a tablet; on-board socket for power supply and charging the mobile computer and other equipment; the voice chat with an information screen; fan; light local lighting; speaker system alarm; ventilation
Art- direction, design - Sanal Galushkin
Animation - Alexander Samsonov, Sanal Galushkin

2014. Thanks for watching!
State-room on the International Space Station (ISS)

Intern's project for S.P.Korolev Rocket And Space Corporation "Energia"


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Sanal Galushkin
Industrial and concept designer Санкт-Петербург, Russia