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WT HOTEL - Concept project of a new innovative and technological hotel with use of new materials, technologies and functional solutions, which gave the sensorial stimulus for the creation of new generation hotels and wellness areas.
Interior WT HOTEL - Interiors of WT HOTEL are divided in 4 major areas. Area Lounge, Area Fitness, Area Relas and Risto Area.
FURNITURE - PROTOTYPING of the furniture concepts developed for the WT HOTEL. Restaurant table, Center piece, Bed, Bar counter, Official desk and sitting bench were part of the furniture concepts developed for WT HOTEL.
3D projection inside a metro station
Portable recharger
Perfume bottle for YSL
Marketing ideas for Yellow Tail Wine
FORMA COFFEE MACHINE - More of a sculpture rather than a coffee machine. Basic concept of using it as a center piece for bar counters and tables at home. Constructed out of brushed steel it creates a interesting aesthetic look that attracts attention. Uses coffee pods as source.
IPod speaker system by altec lansing.
Re Fabrication of george kovacs lamp for different user groups.
Logos and menu cards.
Skin design for nokia N76
Sanchit Gupta
Undergrad Delhi, India