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Glossy Lipstick Sofa

Glossy Lipstick Sofa Glossy Lipstick Sofa is made by Sand & Birch as a playfully provocation, as a “détournement”. We designed an intentionally bold and extreme piece in order to mock the excess of “glossy” dominating in advertisings and in consumers’ flattened imagination: a world where everything is pink, soft, feminine and, as already said, “glossy”. Glossy Lipstick’s impudence, its generous shape, the strong visual impact of design and colour are used to offer an ironic answer to rhetorical estrangement produced (and induced) by advertisements inviting consumers to surround themselves with glossy and sparkling objects, being as beautiful as empty, with no soul and history. Designers: Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro

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Andrea Fino
Sand & Birch Luxury Design Latina, Italy