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Final Rendering (Photoshop and Illustrator over clay model)
Persona and defining the problem
Initial exploration of function
Form exploration thumbnail sketches
Form development with clay
Refining the form
Fabric covered clay aesthetic model
The helmet locked securely along with the bicycle.
Lok Helmet

Team Members: Sandhya Kumar (www.sandhyakumardesign.com) & Casper Sudak

A bicycle helmet developed for the student population that tackles two prominent issues. Firstly, users are frustrated about what to do with the unwieldy helmet when they reach their destination. Second, there is a conflict between the sporty, aggressive aesthetics of the helmets currently on the market and the fashion sense of today’s urban student.

One of the vents of the helmet is modified to accommodate a U lock or similar locking system. It has a plastic injection molded channel that leads the lock in, and protects the inner protective foam layer.

The helmet is covered with a durable, grey denim like fabric that contributes to the urban styling along with the orange Lok vent accent.

Sandeep Mathew
Industrial Designer Ottawa, Canada