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Keyshot Renderings of the Carousel, SkateRail, and Turnbuds.
1/8th physical scale model of the SkateRail. Bent acrylic rods and sheets.
The Ice Project

Team Members: Melody Chan, Sandhya Kumar, Ryo Yonekawa, Sam Holzman, Pia Nyakairu, Nancy Xu and Sandeep Mathew.

The Rideau canal in Ottawa, Canada turns into the longest skate rink in the world every winter.

The Rideau Skateway attracts a large number of tourists and residents, but many do not know how to skate avoid the skateway all together.

The ice project is a series of stations that are bored into the ice to help beginners learn how to skate.

1) Carousel - Provides constant support in a large circular path.

2) Skate Rail - Intermittent support.

3) Turn Buds - Pylon like structures that form an obstacle course. Provides support, and facilitates turning.

Sandeep Mathew
Industrial Designer Ottawa, Canada