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Smart tray

It is too simple and attractive design motivate tray.
Tray is easy to put anything on tray.
I want a space that easy to put the smart phone and tablet PC.
Put a iphone on mood lamp.
It seems like the 'art on the stage'.
I think it would be very nice.

Smart tray has some nice features.
IPhone and iPad (or mobile device) is connected to the tray by USB cable.
1.USB power use. - Easy to charge the iPhone and the iPad (or mobile devices).

2.You can use the speker by USB or AUX in.
So, you can enjoy the music and movies easily.
3.Mood lighting (bed lamp)
4.IPhone, iPad (or mobile device)have a fixed place.
Turn on mood lamp, after put the iphone on tray
it exhibits a stunning atmosphere. (like the showroom)

1.Wireless charging for mobile devices.
2.Mood lighting. (bed lamp)
I think it`s very nice
so, I really want to put the iphone on tray more often.

Sang hoon Lee
I love design. Seoul, South Korea