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Taco Bell Drive Thru unit - The drive-thru is all about speed and usability. We were tasked with increasing both of these for the crew using our equipment in Taco Bell. After researching and observing the users in the stores, we came up with two specific areas we could improve on, the portion controlled ice interface and the ever-frustrating lid storage. The outcome was hugely successful in both improving the crew's experience and speeding things up.
Douwe Egberts c300 - Developed with Douwe Egberts and Van Burlo, the c300 is an update to a core unit to Douwe Egberts flagship coffee dispense line family look.
Douwe Egberts c300 development
Jose Cuervo Bottle Chiller
Jose Cuervo Bottle Chiller
Johnnie Walker Gold Chiller
Johnnie Walker Gold Chiller - development work
Product Design
Andrew Sanguinet
Director of Industrial Design Chicago, IL