remote tower strategy
Gatorade tower development - This is the preliminary CAD developed in pro/E in order to CNC the style prototype.
Gatorade tower - A brand-centric tower development for Pepsi's Gatorade portfolio. By removing the beverages from a large dispenser where the brand identity is lost, the consumer awareness of the focused product is increased, creating a unique destination for Gatorade's target consumer.
A&W parabola tower - This is the production unit for use in A&W Restaurants. This unit is used where the more elaborate Barrel tower is not appropriate due to cost or size constraints.
A&W barrel tower - This is the production unit of the flagship dispenser for A&W Restaurants. The project was developed closely with A&W's internal design team to fit with their new store concepts.
Aquafina water destination
Remote Tower System
Andrew Sanguinet
Director of Industrial Design Chicago, IL