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Propulsion Interactive - This fully animated & interactive touch screen program was originally created as a 3D model in 3DS Max.
Zap! Surgery Exhibit - This is the Visible Vibes exhibit which I designed.
Zap! Surgery Travelling Exhibit - This is the Gamma Cluster module of the Zap! Surgery exhibit
Grab It!
Zap!Cam Queuing barrier
Dig It! - Themed dinosaur dig pit
Dinosaur dig pit - Themed dino dig pit under a stair well
Dinosaur Dig - Themed children's dig pit
Carnegie Science Center themed aquarium enviroment
R2D2 display
Space Artifact Display - I designed and constructed much of this display. Some parts were cut on a CNC machine.
B-9 & Robby display
B9 and Robby The Robot
Mainship dealer kiosk. This kiosk folds down into a very flat & portable crate.
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Assorted Exhibits
Carlos Santos
Curator of Exhibits Cheyenne, WY