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Concept sketch
Concept sketch of an interactive topographic map computer kiosk
Sketchup rendering
topography & plant layout plan
Cad plate
final exhibit photo
Rancho Del Oso - Marsh diorama with digital photo frames, flip book & flip door graphic panels
Rancho Del Oso - Docent area & activity table
component concept sketches
Artifact based timeline
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Rancho del Oso Nature Center

Rancho Del Oso Nature and History Center interprets the cultural and natural history of the area of Rancho del Oso (ranch of the bear) which became part of California's Big Basin Redwoods State Park, in the 1970s.
Rancho del Oso has trails that traverse the park habitats. There are soggy marshes, grassy meadows, gurgling creeks, hardwood forests and pine forests. There are ancient redwood groves and cascading waterfalls. Trails vary greatly in length from one mile to 13 miles.
The Center occupies a ranch-style house and grounds that were once the home of Hulda Hoover McLean, daughter of Theodore Hoover whose brother was President Herbert Hoover. It now consists of an intimate, protected courtyard surrounded by an informative exhibit hall that showcases both the natural and cultural history of the area — including photos of the Hoover family — and a large deck overlooking the Waddell Valley and the Pacific Ocean.

Carlos Santos
Curator of Exhibits Cheyenne, WY