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PLAYSAM Toy Package

PLAYSAM: a wooden Scandinavian toy design company that achieved the classic and contemporary style. It is a simple design in form and clever design in interaction.
In the original package, PLAYSAM's toys are covered with a tissue bag within a solid black paper box. If the retailers did not display the toy on the counter without a package, customers would not have interest in purchasing it. However, having a display in every retail store not only has prime cost, but also risks damaging products. ?The best solution for showcasing the outstanding design of the toy and save costs is designing a package with a clear case. ?With the solid box cover, all the toys can have complete displays on counters without any damages. For this PLAYSAM race car, there is a walking crutch-like stand with elastic bands that fastens the toy. Customers can actually grab the clear package and interact with this race car without actually touching it.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Sao Tien Wang
Creative Designer South Pasadena, CA