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Come, see, live again. Project for the rescue and valorization of Papigno (TR)

The reconquest of the industrial zone.

It is a project with three different levels of detail: a strategic plan, a project to recover the paths and public spaces, and finally the project to recover two sheds for museum purposes.
The match from the formula of a strategic project for Papigno, including the area between the eastern province of Terni and the Marmore waterfalls, where the town of Papigno is located, both the historic settlement and the former industrial area of ??the former - electrochemical (alternative industrial area located on the slopes of the historic center, exploiting the waters of the Nera river and the river Velino).
I decided to concentrate on the industrial area, proposing and planning in the first place the recovery of the public space between the warehouses and the greening of the area, with some specific design episodes; later I took a deepening on two disused industrial warehouses of particular interest and historical-industrial, planning the museum.

Sara Basile
Architect Firenze, Italy