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Et renovabis faciem terrae_The oratiries of San Quirico di Valleriana, Pescia, Italy

The oratories of the confraternities in San Quirico of Valleriana.
An analysis was performed of the relationships in a highly fortified historical context in the urban fabric between the various civil and religious architecture and the village community, by studying historiography, typological and architectural oratories of the brotherhoods of the medieval castle of San Quirico of Valleriana. The intention is to investigate that “quid” that would allow this and other minor historical centers to become aware of its characteristics and through them promote a revival and renewal of the country, in order to repopulate.
The project has involved the village of San Quirico a whole, with particular attention to the architecture already mentioned, which is equipped with suitable space: the reception and the stay of visitors (roads, hostels, signs); in the event, cultural, that can attract both indigenous inhabitants both from neighboring countries and external audiences.

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Sara Basile
Architect Firenze, Italy