Atmosair - Development project: created lightweight pack with ergonomic fit and straps, utilizing Nike Air technology and memory foam.
Nike Packs - Press - Design and development of sports-inspired bags for Nike. Taking Nike from "me too" bags to an innovative leader.
Nike Epic - We developed the initial "Epic" bag - a lot of time spent in Asia working on the pattern of this bag. Combining a hard flexible frame with a soft shell. I designed the shoulder strap system for the 2nd generation Epic bag. It had a stretch/flex-fit feature, molding to any body shape.
Epic Detail - Here are some detail shots of the Epic.
Brasilia Duffel - One of the hardest design challenges can be to grab a customer with a universally appealing design and staying within tight pricing constrictions. I designed this duffel line with strict parameters and it became the top-selling duffel worldwide for several years.
Brasilia Design - This shows a bit of my early design conceptualization and process in designing the Nike Brasilia line.
Core Backpacks - Core backpacks were a staple of back-to-school necessities for students worldwide.
Core Backpack Design - Early conceptualization for Core backpacks.
Sara Hill
Senior Designer Seattle, WA