Wheely Beast line of luggage; a redesign of a best-selling wheeled duffel at REI includes my addition of a carry-on size
REI Inside Passage Collection; 28", 22", and Access Bag
Sport Beast luggage line was a new line of luggage for REI; offers organization to travelers who take their sports and outdoor gear with them on their adventure trips.
Travel Packs re-designed to be lighter in weight with easier modularity; includes necessary organization to go on a simple day tour during their adventure trip.
Women's Active lifestyle bags, include the Balance Gym Bag, a long-time favorite by REI customers for gym, yoga, and daily travel.
Women's Urban Lifestyle bag collection includes some top sellers as the Ashbury pack and the Belltown wristlet.
How fun is it to see your product appear in your favorite TV show before your marketing department even has a chance to announce its arrival there? Classic Duffel on Breaking Bad.
Wheely Beast in the Media
Acumen Daypack - for Campus or Travel
REI Quantum Collection, specifically addressing electronic protection in multiple sizes for on-the-go ease.
REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.)

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Sara Hill
Senior Designer Seattle, WA