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LOTUS is designed to reduce physical and mental discomfort associated with preventative breast cancer screening. This product represents work done for my Master's thesis. For more information or a full description of my research, feel free to contact me.
Current thermography procedure is painless but awkward due to time length of breast exposure, body position, and scary cameras.
The front arm rest intervention was effective, comfortable, and allowed the users to read or write during the waiting period (a poll of 100 women was taken and it was determined that reading was very important to patients waiting at the doctor's office).
Siemens Medical's diagnostic line was used as styling inspiration.
New concept ideation (considers waiting + testing procedures).
Scanner was designed to accomodate the 1st through the 99th percentile female. Rhino models were made to make sure design would comfortably fit women in this range. Changes were made where necessary.
LOTUS is nonthreatening and easy to use.
Icons were created for patients to adjust the shield height and call the technician/nurse. The camera runs on two tracks, one adjusts vertically and the other horizontally along the curvature of the machine. The green light turns on when the patient is within the correct range for accurate scanning (so they know how far forward to pull themselves).
LOTUS Breast Scanner

Breast Thermography Scanner

Sara Jane Falcon
Senior Design Lead, Beauty and Personal Care Richmond, VA