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SKILLS - Programs:
Indesign | Illustrator | Photoshop | Acrobat Professional | Rhinoceros 3D | Solid Works
Cinema 4D | Microsoft Office | iWork

German (Native Speaker)
English (fluent)
French (basic knowledge)
LA BANDE | 2009
SEATCASE | 2008 - "SEATCASE, the suitcase to take a seat" is designed for air travel and measures 22x16x8 inches, the size approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association) for carry on luggage. Aside from having ample packaging volume and being made from lightweight material, the suitcase can also function as a seat. This unique feature makes traveling more relaxing and comfortable.
COFFEETABLE | COR | 2008 - The colored COFFEE TABLES, made from acrylic, are designed to complete the upholstered furniture series Cuvert from COR. The three different trapezoidal tables with their rounded corners compliment the shape of the Cuvert furniture, picking out the stylish elements and interpreting their form in a futuristic way.

jehs+laub, Stuttgart, Germany
CARPET | COR | 2008 - The CARPET with wool appliques is part of the Cuvert series from COR. The concept is acting with the trapezoidal shape of the easy chairs and the sofa. Felt and wool were chosen due to their contrasting textures. To give the customer the opportunity to create their own customized rug, the CARPET can be cut along the wool lines to compose an individual shape.

jehs+laub, Stuttgart, Germany
SHOWROOM | danskina | 2008 - The interior design of the danskina headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands draws the attention to the SHOWROOM. The concept is designed to present a multitude of individual carpets and to introduce the customer to the new advertising campaign "mark your space". The idea of the SHOWROOM has been adapted for the display system of danskinas exhibition booth at the Milan fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile) 2008.

jehs+laub, Stuttgart, Germany
CARPET DESIGNS | 2007 - The photographs show different DESIGNS FOR CARPETS, made of felt, wool and cotton yarn. Due to the combination and application of the different materials, a previously undiscovered haptic sensation has been created. Walking on carpet becomes a new experience.
SCULPTURE | 2007 - The SCULPTURE project is connecting architecture and nature in a playful way. It invites residents and visitors to interact, serving as a meeting point in semi-public and public areas. The choice of material contradicts the formal simplicity. The concrete ribbon is winding itself around and through the building as if blowing in the wind.
KLAPPE DIE DRITTE | 2007 - KLAPPE DIE DRITTE is an exhibition pedestal developed for the University of Applied Sciences Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany, used only twice a year at the end-of-term exhibitions. Priorities for the design were the space-saving aspect, because in everyday university routine space is very scarce, as well as the practicality of not needing any tools for the set-up.
Plug! Fold! Ready!
BAUERNREGEL | 2007 - BAUERNREGEL (weather lore) is an assistant for meteorological observation, based on the idea of a traditional Black Forest weather house. On the two square displays in the middle of the weather station, the current outside and inside temperature can be read. The two movable figures forecast the weather for the next day. Depending on which figure is stepping out of the door it will be rainy weather or sunshine!
Z-MODUL | 2006 - Z-MODUL is a basic study as part of the design foundations of the university, which are the tools for the student to independently develop design methods. From a module different net structures and super signs are developed which can create a 3-dimensional effect. The result is to be considered strictly formal. If the parameters were changed, the outcome could lead to an application in design or architecture.
FOLDING | 2006 - By bending, edging and folding different papers a 3-dimensional, formally closed structure has been developed. The cross-like FOLDING in the squared modules leads to an order which may seem chaotic at first, but the order of the surfaces is strictly predefined by a chain of modules.
TRANSFORM X | 2006 - TRANSFORM X is a cube transformation. To find the right forms it was necessary to experiment with systematic volume creation, rhythm, proportion sequence and dynamics. A higher formal complexity was achieved by cutting, moving and rotating. The color concept of the red shadow supports the language of forms of the transformation.

Project partner: Carolus Reiner
LEMON SQUEEZER | 2006 - With the silver-plated LEMON SQUEEZER the juice from a quartered fruit can be extracted. While pressing the fruit, the smaller of the two molds slides into the bigger one. The juice flows through the slot, while seeds, flesh and peel are held back inside.
DINNER FOR EIGHT - DINNER FOR EIGHT is a team project, which was designed and realized by 18 designers. The individual objects are developed from the geometric basic forms and, with their clean look, give an excellent and harmonious overall picture.
TABLE | 2006 - The TABLE has been created within the team project "Dinner for Eight". The distinguished features of the product are its lightness and its clear language of forms. The unusual shape of the tabletop makes the seating plan possible comparable to that of a round table: the people sit closer to each other, facilitating communication without limiting elbow room.

Project partner: Stefan Holzwarth, Martin Kreis, Anna Mueller
TELLER | 2007 - The TELLER (pottery plates) have been designed within the team project "Dinner for Eight". By the defined bevel at the edge of the plate, a clear formal unit has been created. The basic form is underlining and emphasizing the offered meal.

Project partner: Robert Anlauff, Carolus Reiner, Manuela Schuster
LOOPHOLE | 2006 - Within the team project "Dinner for Eight" LOOPHOLE was designed. Various textiles required in the kitchen have been created: napkins, kitchen aprons and dishtowels.
The colored edged hole is the common feature of the different objects of this product family. The size and the position of the hole, clearly shows the function of the product.

Project partner: Stefan Holzwarth
KIGIZUI | 2006 - KIGIZUI is the result of a workshop, with the focus on special skills of handicraft that can be transferred into objects produced in series manufacturing. The felt is closing around the shade like a nomad‘s tent. Loosening or tightening the lacing can vary the brightness.

Workshop: Miki Astori, Milan, Italy
HALL UNIT | 2004 - The HALL UNIT made of American cherry wood is developed for the storage of accessories in the entrance area. The squared bowl serves as an open receptacle for keys or other small items. Odds and ends can be stored in the drawers and the column cabinet.

Diploma piece of my cabinetmaker apprenticeship
ZICKZACK | 2006 - ZICKZACK is a high modular furniture system, which is expandable in all directions. According to the modified guideline „Function follows form“ a product that can be combined in many different ways, has been developed from a cube. Due to its modularity it can be used as a seating furniture, occasional table, shelf or partition. The black and white color scheme underlines the play of light and shade, which appears from different combinations.
CORPORATE IDENTITY | 2009 - Redesign of the entire Corporate Identity of the Radhaus Viernheim, Germany. The package contains: storefront, stationery, business cards, printed and online advertisements, gift certificates, biker wear...
During the project the existing logo was redesigned, teaming a more dynamic company color with the target group. A sporting note has been given to the new corporate concept.

MAID, Mike Ambach Industrial Design, Mannheim, Germany
Work Overview
Sarah Lovgren
Bachelor of Arts Minneapolis, MN