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Publicity Posters for DKM - What really goes on in a graphic designer's head?
Publicity Posters for DKM - This poster visualises impossible landscapes, an imaginary space for the Dev Kabir Malik design studio's mascot, the flying pig
Publicity Posters for DKM - This poster focuses on the use of substitution and visual interpretation in graphic design.
The Interanational Diner - The International Diner, New Delhi, is a restaurant for which a variety of communication material was designed
Poster - A poster inspired from the ideology behind Plakatstil poster style in Germany (early 1900s). This poster advertises a French tennis racket company Babolat.
Zeebelt Poster - Created for 'Views of the West' Zeebelt Exhibition at The Netherlands, the poster portrays the view points of Indians who have never been to Europe about the west. The result being a diverse mix of Europe being the land of Cheetahs to it being simply about beer.
Type Poster - This poster is based on Futura, which is a font derived from geometirc shapes - the circle and the triangle.
Type Poster - This poster is on futura bold condensed oblique.
Tourism Poster - A poster promoting Rishikesh (Uttarakhand, India) as a cultural and religious tourist destination.
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Sargam Gupta
Student New Delhi, India