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The First Druck sketch designed for the LM Detroit competition
Early Developments
The First Druck
Empty rear can accomodate pickup bed or van compartment
pickup configuration
cargo van version
2nd version
3rd Version, based on Design by Aurelien Francois
Development based on feedback
Community member contributions
Local Motors Druck
interior design
New Variations 2014
Rendition by Aurelien Francois https://localmotors.com/Aurel./sketchover-3-braunarsch-aurel/
Buggy Druck
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Local Motors Druck - Collaborative WIP

Local Motors Druck - my longest collaborative work in progress. A design exercise that started in 2009, and has continued since. Work includes contributions by Local Motors community members. Progress runs from oldest first.

Sasank Gopinathan
Industrial Designer and Artist Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia