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Stupa concept

The stupa concept is an agricultural building experiment, a possible vision for the future. The idea: implement such structures in places where rain is sparse, or with areas too small to cultivate crops.
Inspiration: buddhist stupas and step cultivation. The structure consists of multiple storeys to produce arable land in a constrained space. The cultivated area on each floor exceeds the vertically opposed area, resulting in arable area almost 3x the floor area. using lighting at night could increase arability to almost 5x, and 1/2 harvest time, encouraging 2x harvests/yr.
Using drip irrigation and gravity, the stupa aims to reduce power usage and weather dependency. using people over machinery reduces pollution and increases employment.
The stupa does several roles in agriculture: cltivate, harvest, sorting, and storage.
-all procedures monitored and managed by a management building.
-sorting machines
-loading bay where vehicles take the grains to processing unit buildings.

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Sasank Gopinathan
Industrial Designer and Artist Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia