Type Specimens - The following two type specimens communicate the history and attributes of two different typefaces—Bauer Bodoni and Centaur. The specimens also attempt to represent the typefaces in ways they are not traditionally seen.
Logotype - Logotype was part of a type experiment in which I used letterforms as means for creating signs. I began by printing out large sheets full of letters and then with my trusty exacto knife, I cut into the letters and placed them together to create new and interesting combinations of forms. Then I scanned each collage and redrew them in Illustrator.
2016 - In anticipation for the Chicago Olympic bid in 2016, I experimented with drawing a set of numbers to serve as a logo for the event. The thick and thin lines of each numeral evoke the markings on playing fields and courts and the color palette evokes the feeling of summertime in Chicago--including colors of Lake Michigan, city neighborhoods and skyscrapers.
Sara Bassick
MFA-degreed designer Chicago, IL